Surprise! My name is Valerie, not Peta as my blog title suggests. Sadly there are few food puns to be made with my real name, and as I had no desire to call the blog Valerie’s Calories there was little left to do but assume an alias – or commit to a pun-less blog title, and that didn’t sound like much fun at all.

At Peta’s Pan I’ll be writing about food, sharing what inspires me and recording my experiences in the kitchen; what worked well, what didn’t and musings on improvements for the next time around. I have tried countless times to keep such a record in lined exercise books but they invariably become sullied by sauce splatters or lost in cavernous kitchen drawers. Given past experiences, the fixed locale of a website and its inherent splatter-proof qualities  appealed immensely. So here we are.

I best enjoy cooking when I can do it like my Nanna did – with minimally processed whole-foods, free from ingredients I can’t pronounce and additive numbers I don’t understand. I make as much of our food from scratch as time permits, and spend more time than I should daydreaming about running away to the country to tend vegetables and mill my own flours.

I live by the seaside in Adelaide, South Australia and when I’m not kicking up a mess in the kitchen I can be found tending our community garden allotment, gracelessly puffing my way through gym classes, coveting new cookbooks for my collection, or indulging my love for British comedy. I also enjoy photography, reading, roaming, and all things vintage (except sexism).

If you have any questions, comments or constructive feedback on my website please feel free to contact me at petaspan at gmail dot com.